Open Date: The gifted person will be able to choose the day. 
Maximum validity and expiration date to choose the day: 3 months from the date of issuance. 
Maximum stay date: 8 months following the same date of issuance. 
All seasons: Choose from Buuble of the Garden. Bubble Spica, Forest Bubble or the Country House from the 13th Century. 
Services to choose from: S elect additional services in the reservation. (It is optional and all prices are per couple). Medium and Low Season: BUBBLES FROM THE GARDEN OR SPICA. Choose 1 type of room + pack. From Monday to Thursday, except high season: summer, Christmas, Easter and holidays. (High season can be chosen by paying the difference). 
Dedication: Gift boxes can come with a special dedication. Maximum of 150 characters. 
First name of those giving the gift: Indicate the name of those who have given the gift it can also be a nickname. 
Address where the gift will be received: Indicate the postal address where the gift will be sent.
Contact phone number: Indicate a contact phone number for the person receiving the gift.

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